Whitehedge Farm Services

Training Services Offered in Aubrey, Texas 


Whitehedge Farm specializes in the training of children and adults on both ponies and horses. We also have a special interest in the development of  young hunters and jumpers. Horses are normally started undersaddle at age 3 in a classical manner. Care is taken to achieve good manners, balance, and retain a trainable and pleasant attitude about each horses work. Anne Hedge has been starting young horses in this manner for over 20 years, and has developed a program that produces sound and confident winners in the ring. Once they are confidently going undersaddle, horses are trail ridden and shipped to various local horse shows and events. When horse leave our starting program at Whitehedge Farm, they are normally ready to start showing in the baby green hunters.

We also take horses on sale consignment that may need further local show miles or training. We also accept mares and young horses that need prepped and conditioned for mare inspections for various warmblood registries, mare performance tests and stallion tests. Anne has special interest and experience with stallions and young colts, and can also train them for semen collection.

Lessons at Whitehedge Farm

Full Training (Starting undersaddle or Sales Prep) $500/month


Lesson packages available starting at $250/month
Training/Coaching at shows: $75/day
Hauling Min: $100 plus $1.25 mile

Board your horse at Whitehedge Farm in Aubrey, Texas!

We offer limited boarding services that are normally in conjunction with horses involved in our training, consignment or breeding program.

Prices and services are outlined below.

  • Board (2 yr olds and up) starting at  $500- $850 
  • Daily Feeding with top quality concentrates
  • High quality free choice grass hay and alfalfa as needed
  • Salt
  • Additional Supplement feeding (as provided by owner)
  • Blanketing
  • Emergency care
  • Management of worming and vaccination schedule
  • Horses live in pasture whenever possible for the best quality physical and mental health in carefully selected small groups
  • Fertilized/weeded coastal pastures and seeded Rye Pastures in the winter. 
  • Owner/Trainer with over 20 years experience in horse management lives on site and personally provides care.
  • Weanling and yearling pasture board: $500
  • Layups/Injury medical stall care: $950/month
    • Daily meds given as needed
    • Bandages changed, eye meds applied, coordination/ handling for vet, handwalking.

Breeding Services offered at Whitehedge Farm

We offer care for your breeding stock from conception through showing.
Breeding management is carefully organized through top local breeding vets to bring the best possible conception rates, and healthy foals on the ground. Anne is also available for breeding consultations and questions concerning the breeding of hunters, and has particular interest and knowledge in both Hanoverian and Oldenburg bloodlines.

  • Foaling Out Board: $950/month (includes double stall with straw)
  • Foaling Out Fee: $350
  • Broodmare management: $150/month additional to base board rates( during the time mare is getting bred- includes all handling/trips to local vet. coordinate with semen shipping)

Sale Horse Conditioning and Consignment

Quality young hunters and jumpers are accepted for consignments on an individual basis. Care is taken to achieve top condition in the horse, with a carefully planned nutrition program to help them present themselves in their best possible light. Use of various media is employed for marketing including professional photos and videos, online advertising, and featuring spots available on our website. We have an extensive network of trainers and past clients that know to look to us for high quality, correctly started young prospects. We have a proven track record with sales to leading industry professionals and amateurs across the country. Horses have gone on from our program to top honors at Indoors, Winter Equestrian Festival, and many other top shows throughout the country. Unless other arrangements are made a 15% commission fee is due on all final sale prices.


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